Who we are



The seven universities are all deeply rooted in their regions. They consider the diversity in size, background, expertise and profile of the alliance members as a strength since together they are capable of understanding the needs, expectations and potential of most actors within the EEA and can thus provide a diversity of approaches and perspectives to fully represent the territorial and cultural diversity of Europe.


The T4E alliance brings together seven universities with exceptional experience in cross-border, intra-European and international cooperation, and in collaborating with and for their regions. Their complementary research foci allow them to concentrate on the following T4E focus topics:


Knowledge entrepreneurialism for digital transformation and smart regions,

Knowledge entrepreneurialism for environmental transformation and sustainability,

Knowledge entrepreneurialism for societal transformation, community building and inclusion.


Considering their common strengths, they have conceived a new approach for enhancing the societal impact of their engagement and for strengthening collaboration with their regions. This will require them to internally and mutually transform their institutions, their academic portfolios and their range of activities towards progressive integration.


In accordance with the strategy for a European Education Area, the T4E approach is completed by the following transversal components:


Key competences for lifelong learning,

Digital skills, multilingualism and intercultural competencies,

Common values and inclusive education.





T4E aims to consolidate a joint governance structure to facilitate the development of consensual joint policies and action plans, to consolidate participative structures to facilitate cross-cutting integration at all levels of the partner institutions, and to share its experience with other groupings in order to communicate the added value to be found in its model of integration.

T4E values and approach



The members of the Transform4Europe alliance share a common concept of transformation and their goal is to train and educate agents of change towards a more just, sustainable and resilient future, thereby acting as drivers of transformation ourselves. Proactive transformation as they understand it is the result of an analytical process and based on transformative knowledge-entrepreneurialism as described above.


Based on this common understanding and the individual transformation profiles relating to their individual experiences of historical, regional and institutional transformation, they base their approach on the following four pillars of transformation:


T4E INDIVIDUAL MINDSET: Individuals as drivers of transformation should be at the centre of the process, as the orientation and mind-set of each individual actor are the starting point for any form of comprehensive transformation. Thus, European transformation needs individuals who can actively contribute to shaping a world in which well-being and sustainability are achievable.


T4E UNIVERSITIES: In order to empower students, staff and stakeholders to act as agents of transformation, universities are responsible for conveying the values, skills and knowledge needed by all-round citizens with both academic and societal responsibilities, starting from the local regions of the alliance and moving towards global citizenship.


T4E REGIONS: In collaboration with their universities, the regions have major potential to drive the transformation of Europe and the EEA as knowledge and innovation ecosystems. In order to reach their highest potential, the regions represented in the T4E alliance must be interlinked in an interregional network so to expand their impact at the continental level.


T4E EUROPE: The complex societal challenges that Europe and the whole world are facing cannot be solved by individual actors. European transformation concepts need to be as diverse as Europe itself, and require different perspectives, approaches and solutions directly linked with and shared by the local and regional population. T4E will pursue true European added value by networking complementary regional transformation networks from across Europe that share a joint vision for facing major challenges.


The T4E members believe that these four pillars are crucial for a successful transformation of university-region cooperation, which will have a major impact on the enhancement of European integration.