The European Union has been facing unprecedented challenges in the past decade and is currently undergoing a period of serious change and in many aspects even of crisis. Over the coming years, Europe, like the rest of the world, will continue to undergo significant political, economic and social transformation. The next decade will thus be defining for the future of the European Union and its role in the world. In this context, three major changes will need to be shaped and managed: climate change, societal change with migration and ageing populations, and digital revolutions.

T4E aspiration

The T4E partners are convinced that these challenges can only be overcome with innovative solutions created by a new generation of highly motivated and skilled Europeans. The partners believe it is their duty and aspiration to educate and train this new generation to actively contribute to and shape the necessary transformation processes on all levels, thereby driving transformation themselves.

T4E vision

The T4E partners believe that universities can help to transform Europe by organising themselves in permanent, structured and coherent multi-actor networks that make a major contribution at a systemic level according to their vision, needs, ambitions, experience and capacities. Together, they can contribute to the development of a European knowledge-based economy, better employment rates, European identity, civic engagement and welfare. This is a powerful way to improve the competitiveness of the EU as a whole and the further integration of the EEA. As a response to the necessity of strengthening the potential and network of university-region cooperation throughout Europe, the T4E universities will also join forces with key players from their regions in order to educate and train not only highly qualified experts, but also European knowledge entrepreneurs who can act as dynamic agents of transformation through a networked, applied, multi-actor approach.